portraits of animals in their daily landscapes

silver gelatin & chromogenic photographs

Photographed with medium format film camera.
Printed in traditional wet darkroom using archival materials.
Limited editions of 250

I wanted to capture the individual personalities of various animals while they were in their daily surroundings rather than moving them to a studio.

Each photograph was taken with a medium format film camera & used only the available light and backgrounds. None have been digitally altered. For some of the images I wanted a white background and had to wait for a good snowfall. For others I used the darkness of the barn or the atmosphere of walls and fields.
Nessie, Scotty, and JuniorPedro in the fieldFeeding Summer (Illuminations series)Marcie #2, sepiaMarcie #1, sepiaPedro in ProfileRing of HorsesPedro the DonkeyPedro and FriendsConchoSarah (single image)Indraloka Sanctuary: Eddie Traffic #1Pedro in the BarnSallyChito & ExcaliburSmiley #1Escobar the AlpacaRooster on a fenceBlossom & FriendsBarn Cats