These are not so much handpainted as transformed: using a very fine brush I'm painting on a mix of toners to small details on some of my black & white silver gelatin photographs and then using darkroom traditions to transform those areas into a wash of warm sepia, highlighting those areas. Since each is handpainted every one is slightly different. To see the process in action check out this blog post
Skyrock (Illuminations series)Zion Leaves (Illuminations series)Tapestry (Illuminations series)Mission (Illuminations series)Stone Cross (Illuminations series)Farm Road (Illuminations series)Dream Horse (Illuminations series)Feeding Summer (Illuminations series)Keyhole Doorway (Illuminations series)Hay wagons, handpainted sepiaSlave Cabin #6, handpainted sepia versionNegley's Barnyard, handpainted sepiaBeams, handprinted sepiaSlave Cabin #3, handpainted versionSlave Cabin #1, handpainted versionSlave Cabin #2, handpainted sepia version