Panoramic handprinted silver gelatin contact prints

(for blog entries about the 8x16 camera along with an image of it out in the field click here )

My contact prints are created using a hand-built 8x16" view camera made by Richard Phillips, one of the last master camera builders. The ultra-large format camera uses 8x16" sheets of film which results in a huge negative with great detail. I don't crop or manipulate the image; it is made 'as is' in the camera itself.

The entire printing process is done by hand, one sheet at a time. Using my wet darkroom and traditional techniques I first develop each sheet of film and then make a contact print. That’s where the process differs. Most film photographs are made by enlarging the small film image which gives a big print but an inevitable loss of some detail. A contact print is made by meticulously placing the film directly against the paper which gives instead a pure representation of all the tone, sharpness and depth that was captured in the camera.

Fine-art photographers have long valued contact prints because this method reveals the otherwise hidden range of grays and shadow gradation with all the texture and dimension intact.
Hay wagons, handpainted sepiaNegley's Barnyard, handpainted sepiaBeams, handprinted sepiaSlave Cabin #1, handpainted versionSlave Cabin #3, handpainted versionSlave Cabin #2, handpainted sepia versionSlave Cabin #6, handpainted sepia versionJekyll IslandPrimeval ForestDobbins LaneSmoky Mountain DogwoodsRunning HorsesChito & Excalibur