Limited Edition Fine Art Photographs

I use large format film cameras and classic darkroom techniques to make my photographs.   History, land, and transformations have assumed a large focus in my work, along with portraits of animals, trying to show each animal's distinct personality

Winter Bishop.jpg


Limited edition fine art photographs printed from large format film negatives, matted and framed with museum quality materials. 

Coconut the Sheep at Piedmont Refuge.jpg


the sanctuary project

I wanted to capture the individual personalities of various animals while they were in their daily surroundings rather than moving them to a studio.

This is an ongoing project which now includes many sanctuaries devoted to rescuing farm animals in the worst of circumstances and giving them a home.  Ten percent of sales of my photographs are donated to those organizations to assist them in their work.

Farmer Bob (1).jpg

long-form projects

Many of my images for sale are taken from intensive projects I'm working on, including former slave dwellings across the US, threatened old-growth forests, farm animals in sanctuaries, the last anthracite miners, and the changing landscape of my rural hometown. To read more about these ongoing projects click the button below.