Meeting House Dooryway, Ephrata (Illuminated)

Ephrata window floor thing needs burning-Edit.jpg
Ephrata window floor thing needs burning-Edit.jpg

Meeting House Dooryway, Ephrata (Illuminated)

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Meeting House Doorway, Ephrata Cloister.  Handprinted & selectively toned silver gelatin photograph; each is an original. limited edition of 250, signed & numbered on front of mat. For additional details including dimensions please scroll down. 

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Illuminations series: These are not so much handpainted as transformed: using a very fine brush I'm painting on a mix of toners to small details on some of my black & white silver gelatin photographs and then using darkroom traditions to transform those areas into a wash of warm sepia, highlighting those areas. Since each is handpainted every one is slightly different. To see the process in action check out this blog post

Available in Large:
Photograph size: 19 x 19"
Size with mat: 26x26"

unframed $550

framed in black wood 1 ½" frame: $625

Shipping is via FedEx Ground - you'll see the total before you check out. Cost will be the best value I can give you for the number of photographs ordered