Custom Large Size: Sarah the cat

Custom Large Size: Sarah the cat

from 950.00

Several years ago I offered a set of five tiny images of Sarah matted together. That set sold out quickly. This is a much larger photograph of the same cat photographed a year later. We rescued Sarah as a tiny kitten along with her sister from the side of a country road. Here she is playing hide and seek with me and the camera. 10% of this sale will go to spaying and neutering other abandoned cats.

The price includes FedEx Ground shipping in a wooden crate. For additional details including dimensions please scroll down. 

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I've made custom orders for several customers who wanted much larger versions of some of my images. They looked so good that I am offering them for sale. These are part of the limited edition and are signed and numbered, and also have a certificate of authenticity on the back. Special hardware for secure hanging is included.

I use museum glass on these since the larger size makes reflections more of an issue: Museum Glass® anti-reflection picture framing glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection. Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays

This photograph will ship via FedEx Ground in a custom built wooden crate. 

unframed size (photograph & mat only): 36 x 36"
framed size: 40" x 40"

Available in two options:

Unframed, photograph plus the mat 36x36” total size $950 (includes shipping)

Oiled Bronze Wood frame, just over 2" wide, total size 40x40” $1575 (includes shipping) 

The shipping charge is included in the price - you won't see an additional charge when you checkout.